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    Beer cans, while currently all the rage, didn’t come on the scene until 1933 when Krueger Brewing Company shipped a small test batch of 2,000 cans. These came complete with special instructions on how to open without the beer exploding. Coors released the first aluminum beer cans in 1959.



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05/12  Coming Soon:  Baetis Belgian Orange

05/12 Coming Soon: Baetis Belgian Orange

MRBC will be kegging out our first seasonal beer of the season on Friday, May 4.  Baetis Belgian Orange will be available in the taproom from Friday afternoon, and will hit the Bozeman area shortly after that.  We'll update the "Catch the River" page with locations serving the brew as we get orders.

Why Baetis, you ask?  Baeits are a mayfly that are generally know as being super delicious to trout and possibly having a higher protein value than other insects--they LOVE THEM.  This hatch usually announces the true beginning of the fishing season in MT.